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Circular economy is the solution to global resource shortage

Every sustainable invention, technology or raw material substituting a tree directly benefits our environment

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Our mission

European Material Bank has emerged from an urgent need for a change of how we design, build, develop and plan our future. The absence of sufficient natural materials has forced the industries to look for artificial solutions, which are nowadays harming our environment and decreasing a chance to fight climate change.

For this reason, European Material Bank acts as a platform to connect consumers, entrepreneurs and professionals to access natural materials which can serve as an alternative to today's solutions. Simultaneously, European Material Bank is supporting research and development of breakthrough inventions, processing of raw materials and technologies to decrease our ecological footprint.


of the energy consumed by domestic households is used to generate heat

Buildings are responsible for most CO₂ emissions – at least 40 percent of global energy consumption and over a third of greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, reducing emissions from buildings is crucial in combating human - induced climate change.

Innovative natural insulation can reduce the primary energy requirement of existing buildings by up to 80 percent. Moreover, thermal insulation can help maximize the energy efficiency of a new building if this is taken into account in the planning phase.

Green Buildings

EMBA and
Circular Economy

Through allocation of solutions which can directly substitute artificial materials and integration of them into the process, EMBA shapes a sustainable circular economy.

With the aim to integrate sustainable solutions to the suppliers of the key industry stakeholders, we place sustainable solutions at the very beginning of the production process and capture them back for recycling at the end of the life cycled. 





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To the EU Case Study

Driving sustainable

EMBA offers a wide portfolio of financial services to support and drive the integration of natural raw materials into various industries. A unique instrument designed for entrepreneurs and professionals, which funds the application of a material which can be recycled or reused in secondary application.

By offering such products, EMBA encourages business to opt for natural materials instead of artificial and integrate into the circular economy system together with other stakeholders, as a result creating a thriving eco-system designed for the future.


Everyone plays an important role in a circular economy system

If you are looking for materials, producing materials or having an idea which might involve a usage of natural material, don't hesitate to contact us and explore opportunities which can help you reach your target.

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