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Environment and sustainability values

EMBA is on a journey to 2030. We strive for carbon neutral corporate operations, but we always knew we could do more. So we set an even more ambitious goal — to make our investment projects carbon neutral by 2030, across our entire supply chain and the lifetime energy use of our technology. Teams across EMBA quickly got to work, and thanks to their innovations, we’ve made extraordinary progress. And, in doing so, we demonstrated that the choice between a thriving business and a thriving planet is a false one. This was also the year we called on our suppliers to accelerate their work to address their emissions. We’ve sent a clear message that the companies who manufacture our products must decarbonize their entire footprint by 2030, including the use of 100 percent renewable electricity. And today, over 15 of our suppliers — accounting for over 85 percent of EMBA’s direct involvement — are a part of our Supplier Clean Energy Program. We share our progress — and our goals — because transparency and accountability are two sides of the same coin. We do the work and we show our work, because we want to be the ripple in the pond that creates a broader change. This year, we’ve also made it easier to understand the carbon impact of our products, and the extraordinary steps we’re taking to reduce their emissions.


In our Product Environment Reports, you can learn about recycled content in each product, the energy demands and the packaging used. We’re transforming so many aspects of the way we make our technology, and with our Product Environment Reports, you’ll see where we’ve made progress and where the hard work remains. One thing is clear: We’re closer than ever to the day you can hold our product and be confident in the knowledge that it has net-zero carbon impact. There are few companies that can make that claim — let alone ones that set our high standards and transparently show their progress along the way.


As we move closer to our goals, we’ve continued to push the pace by bringing new clean energy online to power our supply chain. And we’re investing in a growing number of renewable energy projects to balance the electricity our customers use to charge their devices. Recycled materials are also a key focus of our innovations, and another way we’re driving down our emissions. Today, about 20 percent of the materials in our products are from recycled or renewable sources. Our goal is to one day reach 100 percent, and to end our reliance on mining altogether. Where we continue to extract materials, we maintain the highest standards in our due diligence and respect for human rights. And we’re accelerating our work with new goals to use 100 percent recycled cobalt, tin, gold, and rare earth elements in key components by 2025. The strides we’re making play a huge role in driving down our emissions even further, reducing our reliance on energy-intensive mining, smelting, and refining.


We’ll keep pursuing creative ways to reduce our footprint, and only use high-quality carbon offsets to balance emissions we can’t zero out. That’s why we aim to help businesses invest in high-quality, nature-based solutions that restore the forests, wetlands, and grasslands that remove carbon from our atmosphere. Equity remains a central focus of our investments in clean energy and green technology. We continue to grow our Impact Accelerator, which invests in the next generation of innovative, diverse entrepreneurs in fields like clean energy, recycling, and green chemistry. We’ve also expanded our Power for Impact program, which brings renewable projects to communities around the world.


We believe the best way to fight climate change is to engage communities on their front lines, and every day, we put the action to those words. Tackling climate change is possible only when we bring government, industry, and communities together. We have to meet a global challenge with global solutions — solutions that center on people.

March 5th, 2023

Management of EMBA European Material Bank GmbH

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