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Preferred partner for sustainable development

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Let's shape our future
in line with nature

European Material Bank is the partner of choice when looking for sustainable materials either for your business or private use. We search, facilitate and finance natural materials which can substitute an artificial solution.

Simultaneously, we understand that natural materials are not price competitive due to low availability, therefore we create financial products which can help you access such materials for an accessible price.

Brick Construction
Green House

Imagine there is always a secondary use

We strive for materials which can be recycled, upcycled, reused or sustainable degraded. We believe that only this solution is the key to sustainable development of our society. Therefore we support entrepreneurs working with recycled materials or producing waste material which can be reused for further purpose.

Using our services you can now access such materials easier through funding mechanisms supported by circular economy.

We finance
circular economy

If you are planning to utilize a natural material which can be recycled or reused, EMBA may support the acquisition of such material through bespoke financial services.

EMBA is driving circular economy through concepts which integrate materials into a cycle, where multiple stakeholders can utilize the same material in multiple cycles.

Direct financing of raw material purchase


Facilitation of material retrieval for recycling

Distribution of recycled or waste material from your production

Everyone plays an important role in a circular economy system

If you are looking for materials, producing materials or having an idea which might involve a usage of natural material, don't hesitate to contact us and explore opportunities which can help you reach your target.

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